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Celebrating with Free Bookmark Printables!!

Posted by KindaKookie on

Thank you to everyone that has helped KindaKookie reach 250+ likes on Facebook. Your support helps me to support my family and it's really (like really really) appreciated.


Autumn Treats

Thank You also to everyone who took time to vote and help decide which freebie should be released. If you missed out but would like the chance to join in with the next freebie vote don't forget to give us a like on Facebook.

Autumn Treats

Autumn Treats - Free Planner Printables-Bookmarks by KindaKookie

Download - Autumn Treat Bookmarks - Free Printable


And what of our runner up I hear you ask??

They are available in store as a printable digital download so there's no need to miss out!


Check out the two new bookmark collectibles sets from KindaKookie

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